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Spaceteam app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 2048 ratings )
Lifestyle Games Family Word
Developer: Henry Smith
Current version: 2.5.5, last update: 7 months ago
First release : 29 Nov 2012
App size: 136.72 Mb

Do you like pushing buttons and shouting at your friends? Do you like discharging Clip-jawed Fluxtrunions? If you answered yes, or no, then you might have what it takes to be on a Spaceteam.

Spaceteam is a cooperative party game for 2 to 8 players who shout technobabble at each other until their ship explodes. Each player needs a mobile device (phone, tablet, iPod Touch, etc)

Youll be assigned a random control panel with buttons, switches, sliders, and dials. You need to follow time-sensitive instructions. However, the instructions are being sent to your teammates, so you have to coordinate before the time runs out. Also, the ship is falling apart. And youre trying to outrun an exploding star.

Good luck. And remember to work together... as a Spaceteam!

- Teamwork
- Confusion
- Shouting
- An untimely demise
- Beveled Nanobuzzers
- Auxiliary Technoprobes
- Four-stroke Pluckers

Awards & Recognition:
* Winner - GameCity Prize 2013
* Winner - IndieCade 2013 (Interaction Award)
* Winner - A MAZE. Indie Games Award 2013 (The Most Amazing Indie Game)
* Winner - International Mobile Gaming Awards 2013 (Innovation Award)
* Finalist - Independent Games Festival 2013
* Selection - PAX East Indie Showcase 2013
* Featured Game - IndieCade East 2013

Pros and cons of Spaceteam app for iPhone and iPad

Spaceteam app good for

It´s hilarious, the interface is clear and its super easy to join a game. Great app!
Honestly one of the best games here. Super easy and awesome with friends - the only valid excuse to look at your phone while hanging out ;)
This game is TONS of fun. Just waiting for that S5 support so more friends can join!
Seriously. Once you find a group of friends to play with, its the best game ever.
The game really gets you going! My big bro and I keeps playing this game for hours!!! WOWW
You can play this with your friends, from 2 to more than 6 players! With or without internet!

Some bad moments

Older versions were way more functional. It keeps on crashing. Cant play Bluetooth neither. Deception.
It all started with a group of 3 people, it was fun but when we started to add more people into the games everyone started to fight and hurt each others feelings, this game does not make friends it breaks them apart like smash bros causing many arguments and getting very many people hurt and feel empty on the inside.
Despite multiple restarts of my phone the app crashes before I can get past the waiting room
It keeps crashing. iPhone 7 with the latest update as of today
You have to press certain buttons that to cant see. You have to communicate different things at the same time and is very frustrating. Im a very good cideo game player so is my brother and we fouled do it. Trash.
Nothing more to say. It crashes constantly and wont let me play. Id give it 0 stars if I could.

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