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Update issue

Have loved playing this game with family and friends for a year or two now, but havent been able to play due to the update. Would love to get back to playing smoothly on a team again. Please update.

One of the best games youll ever play

If you dont already own this game, youre missing out.

Best game ever. Loud and hectic and fun

Love this game. Thank you, Spaceteam creators

Great game!

Add blue tooth please!

Ridiculously Fun!

The more the merrier!

Still awesome!

Nerdy group game where yelling at your friends is okay! Please bring back Bluetooth connectivity!

So fun

Super fun party game. Silliness and tense at the same time. Great game.

Good game if you can get it to work

This game is great but the update has made it nearly impossible to connect. I have tried to refer several friends but they havent been able to get in either :-( please fix it!

I love shouting at my friends!

Add Bluetooth support please!

Great game!

Super fun, me & my family play this all the time after supper! Cant be better! I hope they add way more stuff into it, like new types of switches or buttons or new mechanics!

Still a fun co-op game

Ive had this game for a long time and I still enjoy playing with friends.

Super Stinking Awesome!!!

Need more games like this! It is cooperative casual couch gaming at its finest! I seriously havent played a more fun game on a mobile device! Thank you to the author and I plan to purchase the update once the newness wears off of the free game. Such a great contribution to gaming as a team.

Quirky hilarious party game

Just play it.. lots of laughs.. pretty fun. Well done!

Its so good I made in-app purchases just because the dev deserves it!

$5 buys all the in-app upgrades. We loved this game so much we wanted to support this developer. Awesome game!


This is a fantastic game that I love to play with my family. And I enjoy sharing with my friends. Its a really well cooperative game and not to mention really loud but extremely fun all at the same time! I really hope they make games

Skookum as frig

This game is the best its worth way more then free. Everyone should get this

Great group game, innovative game play.

Fun game for groups, you really do feel like youre on a Spaceteam.

Fun party game

Excellent game, lots of frantic yelling.

Geordi LaForge would be proud.

This game exciting and features top notch technobabble. Play it or be left behind in the rapture.

Best party game

Love this game

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